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Operational and maintenance

The pothole patcher – prevention is better than a cure

Creating new ideas and innovations is something the Peterborough Highway Services team excels at.

One example of this is the pothole patching machine. In the summer of 2014, Skanska hosted its annual highway maintenance forum, designed to share good working practices and ideas.

Skanska’s colleagues from Sweden attended this event and introduced their pothole patching machine. The team was so impressed with it that they arranged to trial the patcher in Peterborough, with great results.

It works by blowing the area clean and then spraying a hot bituminous emulsion to the area needing repair, followed by chippings. The surface is then immediately ready to take traffic.

As it’s only operated by one person it is safer, quicker, cheaper and more environmentally sustainable than traditional methods of defect repair.

Over the last year the patcher has increased productivity by four times and reduced cost by over 50 per cent, compared to conventional methods