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Safety First

It’s our responsibility to ensure that every person who works for the Peterborough Highways Services team returns home safely at the end of each working day. Our target is zero accidents.

Fostering a culture of care and concern for others is the mission of our Injury-Free Environment programme while at work and at home. We ensure safety is at the forefront of all our employees’ minds, from the planning to the delivery stage.

With safety being paramount we also make sure our supply chain embeds the Skanska safe working culture and injury-free environment.

At Nene Park Academy, Peterborough Highway Services was asked to improve the access and make it safer. So, the team designed the work to improve the school’s entrances and car park facilities.

The design team engaged early with the school’s staff to understand their concerns and agree a solution to their problems. The scheme was delivered ahead of schedule and included the following work:

  • The re-design of the access roads on the academy’s land
  • The creation of additional parking spaces
  • The introduction of a signalised junction on the exit from the academy

This remedial work reduced congestion and the risk of an accident.